Home Automation & Networking Made Easy

Imagine having complete power at your fingertips. At Precision Home Automation, we specialize in installing automation hardware for residential customers in Austin, Texas.


Installing a home automation system is complex, but using it is easy. Our team installs state-of-the-art automation hardware and software, and offers a full line of remote controls and processors. These system are easy to use and can be controlled from your wall keypad, phone, or tablet.

Full Integration

Home automation is the core of our company, and our systems integrate fully with all the other services we offer. You’ll be able to control your lighting, television, and sound systems at the touch of a button.


Top Brands

Choose brands you know you can trust. We use the best hardware and software from industry-leading companies like RTI™ and Elan G!™. These brands have an excellent reputation and they build robust products that stand the test of time.


More and more fixtures in your home include online features. We make it easy to get the most out of your home electronics with complete home networking solutions. Our team sets up fast wireless networks, complete with routers and access points, to connect your computers, home theater system, and other devices. Whether you want to stream movies or play online games, we deliver the perfect solution.